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Carder Steuben Vase - 2410

More on Lattice Glass

Posting Number 3613   Date: 12/03/21     Return to Posting List

Hi Alan,

Thank you so much for your help on this. I looked at these shapes but couldn't quite reconcile the one we have at the Museum against any of these, since our example has no handles. Perhaps that's what threw me when I was browsing the examples in Gardner and in the Shape Gallery.

Obviously it's not a #666, since it's larger than this very small piece. Based on size, it seems to be closer to the #644 than the #7717. I will get more precise measurements from one of the docents who are serving at the Museum today.

I found this sitting on a shelf in our little gift shop, with a price tag of $4. I don't know who did THAT, but I pulled it and set it aside. I think it will make a nice addition to our Steuben display.

Do you think that those who run the Shape Gallery would consider adding a new "Type" category for Steuben's "lattice" glass, to make it easier to find in the gallery?

Wishing you and Susan a Happy Hanukkah, and all the best in 2022. Thanks for all you do to keep the CSC going.

Best regards,

Michael Krumme

Los Angeles

Give It A Yes

I think Michael Krumme's Lattice Basket is shape #644 without handles. They did it both ways. It would have had a bowl insert available in any color you needed. We had one in the shop that had a Pomona Green insert and one in Clear too. All baskets varied when it came to handles or not as to how they would be used.

Beth Shaut

Give It a No

I cant say for certain based on just the photos but after looking at the three baskets I have I note two things:

1). I first noticed the top rim on the basket looks very thick. On my baskets (three different designs) the top rim is the same diameter as the weaves.

2). The weaves appear to be thicker than the ones on my examples.

Thats my two bits, with the full expectation that others with more hands on experience will show me to be off in my observations.

Jack Hartwein-Sanchez

Click to view image one: 6441.jpeg

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