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Some History of the Post Carder Era

Frederick Carder designed the great majority of Steuben Glass pieces during the period from 1903 until about . From 1903 until about 1917 Carder was able to control all aspects of Steuben production. Corning Glass Works acquired Steuben in about 1917 and it became the Steuben Division of Corning Glass. Carder remained as Managing Director of Steuben. In 1932 and 1933 several things occurred that had direct effects on Carder and Steuben. First, Steuben had lost money for a number of years and the country was trying to recover from a worldwide depression, which significantly reduced consumer spending on luxury goods. Second, the public seemed to lose some interest in colored glass. Third, Corning Glass had developed a very bright colorless glass for scientific purposes, and Corning was looking for other uses for this glass.

This combination of problems caused the Board of Corning Glass to decide to phase out the production of Steubens colored glass and switch to this new colorless glass, that was designated 10-M. The whole design philosophy of Steuben also changed. Steuben went from a single designer who designed for numerous types, colors and finishes of glass to many designers who designed for only the 10-M colorless glass. Conventional wisdom says that production of Steubens colored glass stopped at this time. In reality there was some colored glass made well into the Post-Carder era. The last known order for colored glass that was fulfilled occurred in 1943.

At this time designers were hired to begin the design of glass objects made in new colorless glass. Many of the designs that Carder originally designed for colored glass continued to be made in the new 10-M colorless glass. We know this because the book by M.J. Madigan Steuben Glass An American Tradition in Crystal shows a number of the drawings of these Carder designs. In addition, we occasionally see Carder- designed pieces on the secondary market that have the post-1932 Steuben diamond point signature, which was not used until after the Carder era.

Carder Steuben Vase - 6991

Carder Designed Items Produced After 1932
The list below shows those Carder-designed pieces where production continued into the Post-Carder era. One thing that we dont know, though the data may exist within Corning Inc., is how long some of these continued to be made. The Carder-designed 2028 plate remained in production well into the 1960s.

2028 Plate 2679 Vase 2680 Sherbet 2683 Vase
6053 Vase 6268 Stemware 6401 Stemware 6415 Bowl
6502 Eagle 6504 Pheasant 6662 Flower Frog 6821 Luminor
6824 Pigeon 6858 Bowl 6872 Bowl 6876 Vase
6890 Bowl 6918 Bowl 6968 Vase 7035 Vase
7090 Vase 7091 Bowl 7128 Vase 7129 Vase
7238 Stemware 7242 Candelabra 7244 Ashtray 7289 Bowl
7292 Bowl 7305 Vase 7307 Bowl 7311 Vase
7378 Bowl 7389 Vase 7399 Gazelle 7407 Vase
7449 Bowl 7468 Vase 7475 Vase 7478 Flatware
7478 Stemware 7481 Stemware 7486 Stemware 7486 Compote
7501 Stemware 7501 Compote 7503 Bowl 7503 Candlestick
7503 Compote 7510 Candlestick 7512 Candlestick 7516 Candlestick
7519 Aquarium 7534 Bowl 7535 Vase 7537 Bowl
7547 Vase 7550 Salt 7554 Candlestick 7561 Tray
7563 Bowl 7563 Candlestick 7563 Compote 7564 Candlestick
7564 Vase 7578 Bowl 7579 Vase 7580 Vase
7581 Vase 7583 Vase 7602 Stemware 7602 Decanter
7611 Stemware 7616 Candelabra 7641 Bookend 7644 Cocktail
7644 Stemware 7646 Vase 7662 Bowl 7663 Cocktail
7666 Stemware 7667 Stemware 7675 Highball 7688 Sherry
7690 Vase 7696 Bowl 7697 Vase 7698 Fish
7699 Bowl 7700 Bowl 7702 Bowl 7704 Bowl
7705 Vase 7706 Vase 7707 Vase 7709 Vase
7710 Candlestick 7711 stemware 7712 Decanter 7713 Ashtray
7715 Punch Bowl 7716 Rinser 7717 Bowl 7725 Stemware
7742 Vase 7743 Stemware 7746 Candlestick 7747 Stemware
7748 Tumbler 7750 Ashtray

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