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Steuben Without Documentation

This section will show a number of Carder Steuben pieces that are known to have been made by Steuben but are not documented in the existing factory records. These pieces are known to have been made by Steuben because color, blowing techniques or types of finishes that were known to have been used by Steuben but not by other manufacturers are present.

The existing factory records while extensive are not complete. There are gaps in the records both large and small. The large gaps may exist because some series of numbers were not used. This is probably the case for the numbers in the 4000 series. Small gaps may exist because the pages are now lost or because the numbers were not used. The records mention some numbers that were not assigned. These records are very important for the identification of Steuben. They consist of drawings, sometimes up to three or more versions, as well as size, color and cost information of the glass. The drawings in these records form the basis for the drawings shown in Paul Gardner’s book The Glass of Frederick Carder as well as the drawings on this website.

Occasionally a piece of glass will surface that uses colors and techniques that Steuben used but the drawings cannot be found in the Gardner book or in the factory records. The pieces shown in this section are those that have been determined to have been made by Steuben even though the factory documentation has not been found.


1.Amethyst Silverina Bowl, 11" dia.
2.Green Jade and Alabaster Lamp Base
3.Green Jade Smoke Consumer
4.Gold Aurene Shade Vase
5.Marina Open Salt and Pepper
6.Tyrian Lamp Base
7.Decorated Alabaster Vase
8.Florentia Candlestick
9.Cluthra Vase or Bowl
10.Gold Aurene Atomizer
11.Ivory Candlestick
12.Decorated Green Vase
13.Grotesque Vase
14.Acid Etched Vase
15.Green Cased Dish with Square Foot
16.Green Cased Salt and Pepper Shakers
17.Rouge Flambe Vase

Carder Steuben Vase - 3044

unknown_silverina_vr.jpg Amethyst Silverina Bowl
Amethyst Silverina Bowl with Amethyst foot. The size is 11 inches in diameter by 4.5 inches high. There is no known drawing or shape number for this bowl. For a similar bowl see Dimitroff Fig. 6.23.

Green jade lamp.jpg Green Jade and Alabaster Lamp Base
This is a Green Jade and Alabaster lamp base that is fairly common. There is no known drawing or shape number for this piece. The height is about 10 inches.

smoke_consumer_6.5in_dum.jpg Green Jade smoke consumer
This Green Jade smoke consumer was filled with oil and had a wick sticking out of the top under the cover shown here. When the wick was lit it tended to neutralize the smell of tobacco smoke. The height is about 6.5 inchs. There is no known drawing or shape number. This may have been a special order for Benson & Hedges. For a similar piece see Dimitroff Fig. 10.108.

Click to see a 1928 Benson & Hedges Ad

shadevase.jpg Gold Aurene Shade Vase
This small vase is probably another of the Shade Vases that resulted when a lamp shade shape was redesigned and turned into a vase. These vases were made fairly late in the Carder era from about 1929 to 1932. These vases have been seen with the normal late "Steuben" engraved signature but without a shape number. The shade shapes that could have been turned into a vase like this are 2311, 2353, 2392 or 2575. There is no mention in the existing records that this vase exists. The height is about 5 inches.

salt_pepper.JPG Open Salt and Pepper
Open Salt and Pepper in Marina engraved in Autumn pattern.

Tyrian_12in_bonhams.jpg Tyrian Lamp Base
Tyrian Lamp Base about 12 inches high.

unknown_6.5in_bonhams.jpg Decorated Alabaster Vase
Alabaster Vase decorated with blue and gold pulled feathers. Size is 6.5 inch high.

6637_6inhigh.jpg Florentia Candlestick
This candlestick is very similar in shape to shape 6637. The drawing for the top of shape 6637 shows that it is ruffled while this one is flat. Also, the disc in the middle of the stem appears to differ from the drawing. Candlestick height is 6 inches.

Cluthra_4.5inhigh_6.5inwide_tway.jpg Cluthra Vase or Bowl
This is a Cluthra piece that seems to have no drawing. It is 4.5 in high and 6.5 in wide.

atomizer_5.5inhigh_cinc.jpg Gold Aurene Atomizer
These atomizers are fairly common but there is no factory drawing for them and they have no known shape number. This one is about 5.5 in high.

7323_privatestock.jpg Ivory Candlestick
This Ivory candlestick is very similar in shape to shape 7323 but is enough different so that it is believed that it should be in this catagory. No dimensions are known.

unkdecgreen_10_75high_sc.jpg Decorated Green Vase
This is a Green Aurene vase decorated with Gold Aurene leaf and vine. It is 11.75 inches high. It is signed with just the "Aurene" signature and does not include the shape number. There seems to be no drawing in the factory records that matches this shape.

vase_7.5in_dimitroff.jpg Grotesque Vase
This vase is 7.5 inches high and is signed with the fleur-de-lis signature. It has no known drawing or shape number. The coloration of Amethyst shaded to colorless is consistent with other Grotesque pieces.

daphne_11.5in_cmog66.4.95.jpg Acid Etched Vase
This vase is Pomona Green cased over Rose Cintra and is etched in Daphne pattern. It is about 11.5 inches tall There seems to be no known shape number for this vase. The photo is from the Corning Museum of Glass archives.

Thistle_photos.JPG Green Cased Dish with Square Foot
This is a small dish engraved in Thistle pattern. It is 4.25" high and 5.5" wide. See Dimitroff Fig. 10.150 for a similar vase.

salt&pepper_8in_thistle_wc.jpg Green Cased Salt and Pepper Shakers
These are a pair of Green Cased salt and pepper shakers that are engraved in Thistle pattern. They are about 8 inches high.

rouge_6.75in_cmog79.4.193.jpg Rouge Flambe Vase
This Rouge Flambe vase is 6.75 inches high. The photo is from the Corning Museum of Glass. The accession number for the glass is 79.4.193.

sticks_6in_Potomack Company.jpg Persian Blue Candlestick
This is a Persian Blue candlestick with Bristol Yellow reeding. It is 6" high. Persian Blue can easily be mistaken for Celeste Blue but it is reported that Persian Blue is uv reactive where Celeste Blue is not. There seems to be no drawing for this stick in the factory drawings.

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