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Gazelle Gazette

The "Gazelle Gazette" is a Carder Steuben Club Newsletter that is initially delivered as an email and is maintained by Alan Shovers. This section provides an archive of the Gazelle Gazette Newsletter postings. If you would like to submit a Newsletter posting or have your email address added to Alan's address list, please email it to Alan Shovers.

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Posting Number 3567   Date: 07/06/21     Return to Posting List

First, from Elizabeth Creech

First, thank you for publishing my thanks to all our wonderful friends on the loss of Frank.

Second, to Alan and Susan, I am appalled that somehow it seems people are questioning your decision to let your beautiful glass now pass on to new and loving owners. It is YOUR glass and certainly your decision as to if, when, where and how to let it go. I very much appreciated your insightful and graceful answers to queries. You have the best of the best and have unselfishly shared it in many ways with all of us--presentations, photos, your beautiful book. Now is another time.

When my insignificant (by comparison) collection went on to new homes, I was sad, in a way, but so happy that many pieces went to people I knew would treasure them. I have heard from some, in the ensuing years, that they had acquired a certain bottle--to my surprise--and how much they treasure it--exactly what Frank and I had hoped would happen! I hope that some of our fellow Steuben lovers will acquire most of your "children" as well. And, I do not begrudge a museum acquisition, as long as they keep it where folks can admire it! Elizabeth Creech

next from Debby Schultz

I must say I am surprised as I am sure everyone else is that you are selling your collection . I wish you good luck. I have not given a consideration yet in selling my collection as I am still enjoying it and remembering the good times over so many years collecting it. I guess now I will have to wait a few more years to decide to do what you just did. The market will have to settle a bit.

My kids too are not interested in inheriting our passionate collection. I wish you good luck on the sale , not only for your sake but for the sake of all of us who collect.

Debby Schultz

next from David Chadwick-Brown

I have so appreciated your Gazette postings, Alan, and hope that with the disposition of your collection you are not also going to cease this most valuable line of communication to the Steuben faithful. Thank you for this service. And now that we know there will be no gathering for the yearly Carder weekend this year, who knows how long it will be before I can thank you in person?

The number of pieces (some 700+) and the years collecting - perhaps 45? - may be in excess of your stats, Alan, but the quality of holdings is a distant second to your pieces listed as up for auction in today's Gazette. In a word or two: remarkable and impressive! I have wondered how I would dispose of my collection. My sister never wanted it, and neither does any of her three sons. I guess the few holes in my collection will never be filled, however, and the mind set you express in your message today says it very well. Guess I'll never lay claim to a Diatreta or Moresque, alas...!

I'll have to accept the fact that the market and interest in Carder's work seems in decline, and that I will never (or more accurately, my estate) will never realize the monetary investment I have made over the years.denouement of my investing in Steuben. The mind-set you express puts this collecting passion and investment into the proper and appreciated perspective, and I thank you for providing it today. I have had the excitement of the quest, and the enduring visual enjoyment (always dependent on the caprice of earthquakes in this part of the country!), and that will have to be recompense enough. However, I'm still not willing to put my "children" up for auction, and so, still have a ways to go in following your good example!

Best regards, and hope to see you next year for the Carder weekend

David Chadwick-Brown, San Diego


next, from Susan Shovers

What a difficult decision it has been to decide to sell the collection. As you know what an integral part collecting has been for both Alan and you. But living here in Florida and the collection in Indiana, what is the point of keeping it when you cant enjoy it. Alan tried to pack up a few pieces when we finally got back to Evansville last month after being away because of covid for a year and half.

And after he packed a box or two, he stopped and said I cant do this. We knew the auctioneers here in Florida (Akiba) and they were excited to take on the project, drove to Indiana in their truck, packed it up in one day and drove back.

For me personally, it was a burden lifted. Not to have to worry about packing it and shipping it and where to? And Alan has done surprisingly well about letting it go. And my collection of Schneider glass is here and once in awhile I add a piece so glass is still a part of our lives.

Susan Shovers


Finally from Greg Jennings

To: Alan Shovers

As a fellow Midwesterner from Owensboro, Kentucky (and an attorney) I understand the need to downsize and pass the glass around to other collectors. My kids could care less about "the glass" and would prefer we place stickers on each piece so they know what they can sell it for. I wish I had gotten to come over to Evansville and visit your collection in your home. I bet it was something to see.

Anyway, best of luck to you and may God bless you as you move forward in your life.

Greg A. Jennings

Greg: let me share some of it, as it was.

Click to view image one: Shovers1.jpeg
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