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Gazelle Gazette

The "Gazelle Gazette" is a Carder Steuben Club Newsletter that is initially delivered as an email and is maintained by Alan Shovers. This section provides an archive of the Gazelle Gazette Newsletter postings. If you would like to submit a Newsletter posting or have your email address added to Alan's address list, please email it to Alan Shovers.

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Carder Steuben Bowl - 7307

The Steuben Brand Story

Posting Number 3409   Date: 06/10/20     Return to Posting List

There and Back Again, A Steuben Story

In the glass world, the words Steuben crystal prompt numerous nostalgic reactions. Some may think of brilliant sculptural pieces gifted by U.S. presidents for decades; some may have fond memories of visiting the flagship Steuben store in Manhattan; some may reflect on the prismatic champagne flutes used on their wedding day, and some may think of how disappointed they were when Steuben ceased operations in 2011. However, what some people may not realize is that the Steuben brand was reacquired by Corning Incorporated in 2011, licensed to The Corning Museum of Glass in 2013, and is very much alive and well in 2020.

Steubens Crusader Bowl,

A brief history of the Steuben brand ....

Click here for the rest of the CMoG story

Click to view image one: Crusader Bowl.jpeg

There and Back Again, A Steuben Story

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