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Welcome to the Carder Steuben Club online shape index. This is an all-new, fully searchable online archive of the works of Frederick Carder, intended to help members and the public study and identify Carder Steuben glass. It is a work in progress. More and more items will be listed as we upload additional photos, descriptions and line drawings.
Searches If you search on a number such as 1001 you will find shape 1001 if it exists plus all other database entries that include that number such as engraving patterns e.g.10012. A keyword search on Rosa will find both Rosa and Rosaline objects. A Color search of Rosa will find just Rosa or Rosa decorated objects.
Shape Number "0"This website has assigned a shape number of "0" (zero) to certain shapes that are believed to have never been assigned a number in the normal sequence. These items are generally one of a kind pieces such as cire purdue, experimental and whimsies.

Carder Steuben Vase - 6271

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