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Gazelle Gazette

The "Gazelle Gazette" is a Carder Steuben Club Newsletter that is initially delivered as an email and is maintained by Alan Shovers. This section provides an archive of the Gazelle Gazette Newsletter postings. If you would like to submit a Newsletter posting or have your email address added to Alan's address list, please email it to .

Carder Steuben Bonbon - 205


Posting Number 3000   Date: 07/23/18     Return to Posting List

Did you notice? This is the 3,000th edition of the Gazette. Who ever dreamed there could be so much to say and learn about Frederick Carder, the artist and sculptor, and his prolific artistic creations.

Silver Deposit

Several years ago, Carder Steuben Club members Willson and Susan Craigie spoke at the Carder Symposium, about their collection of silver deposit ware on glass. Willson has just written a 7 page article, with color photographs, detailing the process, the silver companies, and the glass. Some of the glass was provided by Steuben. The article has been published in The Glass Club Bulletin, Summer 2018. Single copies of the issue are available for purchase: please send purchase requests and a check for $10 to Gail Bardhan, NAGC Bulletin Editor, PO Box 24, Elkland, PA 16920

A Gazelle Missing In Action

Alan, the desk lamp I had in mind was the 7214, Gardner book page 208, top row, second from the left. I brought it up because of the gazelle. There is also the luminor shown at the bottom of the page, which has the bubble ball on top and the gazelle on the front.

Michael Krumme

Click to view image one: Silver Deposit.JPG
Click to view image two: 7214.jpg
Click to view image three: Gazelle91.JPG

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