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2019 Carder Steuben and Corning Glass Auction

The Carder Steuben Club (the Club) is working with Mike Horton and Upstate Auction Company (Upstate) to conduct a live public auction of Steuben and other glass from the Corning area. The Auction will take place at the Corning Museum of Glass auditorium on Friday evening, September 20, 2019 in conjunction with the Club's annual Carder Steuben Symposium. To make this auction a success, excellent examples of Steuben glass, including glass produced during the Carder era and Steuben crystal, as well as glass produced by any Corning NY company during the time period between approximately 1875 - 1955 and other related items are needed for consignment. The goal is to auction at least 100 lots of a wide variety of items and values. Auction lots will be researched and identified, and auction estimates will be provided by Upstate Auction Company working with an expert panel from the Club. The Auction will be advertised locally as well as nationally on the Internet.

Here's what you need to do to submit an item for consignment consideration:

  1. Make sure your item has a current market value of more than $100 and is in excellent condition. No broken, cracked, repaired or damaged items will be accepted for this auction.
  2. Provide a complete description, including color, shape number, dimensions, and other known information, photographs, and your estimate of market value as well as your reserve amount, if any. Send all of this information to before July 1, 2019. Make sure that you include your name, address and phone number.
  3. If your item is accepted for auction, you will receive an email notification. The notification will also include the shipping address for Upstate. The cost of the shipping will be your responsibility. Please have your item delivered to Upstate by July 31.
  4. If your item does not sell at auction, Upstate will notify you within a few days after the auction. You will be responsible for the return of your items, including shipping charges. In addition, you will be assessed a fee of $50 for each returned lot in order to cover costs.

Other information:

  • The consignment fee for Club members is 15% and for non-members is 20%. Information about membership in the Carder Steuben Club is available at:
  • It will be the sole discretion of the Club or Upstate to accept or decline any item for consignment.
  • No items will be considered for consignment after July 15.

Questions: Send your questions to

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20190723_141634.jpg Auction Catalog

Click on the link below to view an online auction catalog

2019 Symposium Auction Catalog

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