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Posting Number 2898   Date: 02/23/18     Return to Posting List

Reifschlager Gallery At The Rockwell Museum--pre 2000

Cintra glass was produced by rolling a molten gather of crystal glass over powdered glass (or frost) of various colors, which had been spread on a marver. Usually, a second gather of crystal was added to enclose the colored particles, which remained suspended in the clear glass casing. Carder evolved the name Cintra from the verb to sinter, and the objects made by this technique exemplify the definition: "to cause to become a coherent solid mass without completely melting."

Cintra pieces have very small bubbles or none at all, as compared with the myriad of many-sized bubbles found in Cluthra. The colored glass used in Cintra pieces was much more finely powdered than that in Cluthra, as the coarser particles were removed by sifting.

Cintra pieces were made in monochrome, two colors with shaded effects, and variegated colors.

abstracted from The Glass of Frederick Carder by Paul V.Gardner, pps. 70-71

Some Examples of Cintra

Click to view image one: Rockwell45.jpg
Click to view image two: Cintra1.jpg
Click to view image three: Cintra11.jpg
Click to view image four: Cintra2.jpg
Click to view image five: Cintra3.jpg
Click to view image six: Cintra4.jpg

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